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In this video, Louise Endago offers up three home remedies for bacterial vaginosis she used to successfully stop her recurring BV and the pain, burning, fishy smell, and discharges it wrought. Read her story here.


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What is Vaginal Bacteriosis?

Vaginal bacteriosos is a medical condition among women wherein the bacterial flora in the vagina is disrupted causing an imbalance between the protective bacteria and the harmful ones. The overgrowth of these harmful anaerobic bacteria results to this kind of vaginal infection, which is also called bacterial vaginosis (BV).

It is a common but serious vaginal infection of women old enough to bear a child. In fact, it affects around 10 to 25% of pregnant American women. In medical clinics that specialize on sexually-transmitted diseases (STD), 30 to 60% of their female patients are suffering from this vaginal infection.


This infection was once called Gardnerella vaginitis pertaining to the bacteria that causes it. However, it was later discovered that the overgrowth of other bacteria like Escherichia coli also are to blame, hence the name change. It is not clear what really causes the imbalance in the vaginal flora but it is believed that the following actions are linked with vaginal bacteriosis:

• Having new or multiple sex partners
• Vaginal douching
• Intrauterine devices
• Stress
• Antibiotics
• Smoking cigarettes

These factors are believed to be contributors to the increase of the probability of this vaginal infection developing. Sexual intercourse per se is not the root cause and this infection should not be considered a sexually-transmitted disease as bacterial vaginosis has also been found on women with no sexual history.


In most cases, there are no clear symptoms that will point to a woman having BV. However, the occurrence of thin, whitish vaginal discharge with an unpleasant fish-like smell is connected with this bacterial infection. These symptoms are more evident after sexual intercourse as the semen combines with a woman's secretions. Also, redness, itchiness and a burning sensation while urinating sometimes take place. It should not be confused though with common medical conditions like yeast infection and trichomoniasis which are not bacteria-related.


Medical professionals will prescribe antibiotics to treat this vaginal infection. Metronidazole in pill or gel form along with clindamycin creams are normally given patients with bacterial vaginosis.

Some people also claim that natural methods of treating the infection are effective. Yoghurt when consumed or placed directly on the vagina is said to work well. Garlic covered in gauze can also be placed inside the vagina. Soaking in bath water with a few drops of tea tree oil or a couple of cups of apple cider vinegar will also help.

A combination of alternative practices and prescription medications may increase the chance of curing vaginal bacteriosis.